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Why T-Bird UK ?


 Years ago, I was hourly paid and could afford the real thing !
Then along came :-

  • Promotion to Non-Overtime status

  • Pregnant Wife

  • Arrival of Unleaded Gas

  • Insurance Price Hike - "but it's only 460 cubic inches, that's less than 8 litres"

  • Cracked Exhaust Manifold 

  • 3 Exhaust Manifold Mounting Studs sheared off in Engine block

and so:-
it was off to the great roost in the sky for my
beloved '74 !
and then .......... to Die Cast Collector Tips !

This site will {eventually} contain images of my entire collection, for use as a reference for other collectors and to serve as a repository to provide "offsite" evidence of ownership in case of Fire, Theft or Bankruptcy.

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