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When I had my T-Bird, there was a group of 4 of us
Myself, 2 old school friends and my Flat mate

 All Single(ish), under 30, in the Computer Industry, and reasonably Flush.

 I had the T-Bird 460
 (Luxury, Comfort and Unbreakable Torque but 3 tons of metal on Cross-ply Tyres? )
 Mike had a Firebird 440HO
  (MONSTER POWER!, but not the best thing to get around a corner)
 Rick had a Corvette 427
 (Shake Rattle and Roll)
 Pete had a Camaro V6
  (what do you expect of an IBM salesman ? ).  

 Remember this is early 80's in England, Gas prices are extortionate, "Yank Tanks" are not common and VERY expensive to Insure because the Steering wheel is on the wrong side !
My first years Insurance premium (3rd party, Fire and Theft only) was more than I paid for the Car.

 Rick's 'Vette was unanimously (except for Rick) voted the worst, most uncomfortable Vehicle.
We decided it had the Ride of the Firebird, the handling of the T-Bird and the power of the Camaro !

 Then one day Rick met a Farm Tractor on a Country lane, and we decided the 'Vette had one redeeming Quality, - the Plastic Body explodes on Impact and acts like a airbag to absorb the energy !

 My T-Bird went to pay for a Baby
Mike's Firebird went to buy a Horse
Rick sold the 'Vette Engine for more than he paid for the Car
I think Pete traded his Camaro for a Pussy Cat.

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18/08/03 21:44