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BT Jupiter - SMTS

produce both models and kits for Distributors/Retailers

Model Year Distributor Release date
1957 Conquest #16 - HardTop - 1993
#28 - Roadster - 1996
1960 BT Jupiter 1989 ?

Belgium-Trucks - Jupiter-Models

 I don't know much about these, Company appears to be defunct now.
Gaston Thiry operated in Rue Potaarde, Brussels, Belgium

It is a stunning model, the front grill and bumper are a work of art, the earlier (?) versions have an SMTS stamp on the sub-frame plate covering the Front axle, this is replaced with a blank piece of metal in later(?) versions.

Available as both kits and assembled, some of my assembled models are mounted on a plexiglass plinth and "signed" in silver paint on the base, I assume this was the finisher and year of release? If you have other signatures please let me know?

signed PB '89
SMTS on base

 signed PB '89
SMTS on base

(not in T-Bird UK Collection)
described as Maroon, sold on e-bay 2004

(not in T-Bird UK Collection)
Silver, Sold on Ebay 2006 described as #1 of 90

In addition to the items above I have

an unassembled kit in beige primer SMTS Base
"Antique Bronze" Convertible Plain base Signed PB 10/89
Casino Cream Convertible Plain base Signed AV 04 90
A  Red open Convertible with the Roadster Tonneau Plain base engraved JE
A Red Hood up Convertible Plain base
A Yellow with white Hard top Plain base

If you know where to source replacement Side mirrors PLEASE let me know, the piece of wire as a Radio antennae doesn't really work!