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SABRA Super Car Information


Following on from the Detroit Senior Range produced for Cragstan, the Gamda company of Tel Aviv had spare production capaciity in it's Assembly facility in the Kibbutz that had narrowly survived the 1967 War. Cragstan had no intention of renewing the Contract so Gamda launched the SABRA brand and extended the range from 18 to 24.

#8118 was a 1968 Thunderbird Hardtop 

3 different wheel types were used, and variations also exist in Seat Colours, and Baseplate Casting.

Plain Aluminum Wheels


Plastic Silver Spoke Wheels

Plastic Black Spoke Wheels


Additional Photos courtesy of Rafi Ilivitzky Author of the Book
"Israeli Diecast Models of Gamda and Sabra"

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10 September, 2008