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Matchbox Index

1948    MoKo Toys Produced by Lesney Products Ltd
1953    Matchbox Toysproduced by Lesney marketed by MoKo
1965    Matchbox Seriesproduced and marketed by Lesney
1982    Universal Toy Co. of Hong Kong purchased Lesney 
May 1992    Tyco Toys Inc merged with Universal
December 1992    Matchbox Collectibles formed

1996 - ?  

 Mattel Inc merge with Tyco

 NASCAR Stockers 1:43

World Series

Super Stocks

 NASCAR Stockers 1:64

White Rose 1:64
Convoys 1:64
Screaming Stocks 1:64
Show Stopper
1-75 Series



 The Information on these pages has been gleaned from many sources, many thanks to the following for their contributions and assistance over the Years ;

 Dot Lang  - A line of Dots
 John Nijhuis - Matchbox Forum International 
 John Aldrich - Dr Matchbox 
 Christian Falkensteiner - the Guru of Matchbox listings 
 Charlie Mack -  the leading expert in his field 
 Shabbir Malik - All You Need to Know About Matchbox Toys


   18 August, 2003