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1955 1:43

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1957 1:63

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Lesney #42

1-75 Superfast

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Railroad Set

1959 1:63

Lesney #75a

1987 1:63

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Matchbox  Code 3 Kits

1:67 1987 SCM Turbo Coupe 


SCM was "Stock Car Miniatures" who produced several Kits using either Matchbox or ERTL as the "host" car. Whilst ERTL supplied the cars in Kit form, Matchbox did not however the inclusion of a Decal (transfers) sheet qualifies this as a kit in our world.

This version is posing as a "500" Pace Car and is believed to be #066 in the range
Distributed in a "ProtectoPak" type display box, This car is the "Bright Plum" version

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Later(?) in a Bag.
I think is possible that the person who sold me the ProtectoPak version removed the Bag,
 and the ProtectoPak was removed from the Bagged version by the other vendor

Paint is a darker plum colour

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Any additional Information on this Manufacturer is welcome.

The claim on the ProtectoPak "Diecast kit made in the USA"
is blatantly bogus in this case as the car was made in Macau,
which was a Portuguese Territory in China at the time.

Click here for Information on ERTL Based SCM KIts


01 September, 2003