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1992 1:43

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Matchbox  NASCAR Collection

1:43 1993 World Sports

 The 1993 Matchbox "World Sports" Series released by TYCO

Series consisted of

  • Ferrari 512BB

  • Porsche 959

  • Ferrari F4

  • Jaguar XJ220

  • Ford Thunderbird

  • Chevrolet Lumina

 A nice 1:43 model with good Tampo printing but very small number of Co-sponsors shown, also spoilt by the poor quality wheels. 

Perhaps TYCO thought they could attack Racing Champions stranglehold on the 1:43 NASCAR Market ?
 Racing Champions countered with the 1:43 Premier series and undercut TYCO's pricing.

 Some of these models reappeared packaged in a series of Paired Bubble packs for European  Toys'R'US for several years.

The European Packaging

1:43 1993 Super Stockers

Issued to commemorate Davey Allison's win in the1992 Daytona 500
This is the same car as the World Series
Item #34400 1992

18 August, 2003