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1955 1:43

Dinky Collection

1956 1:43

Coke Collection

1957 1:63

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Lesney #42

1-75 Superfast

Premiere Collection
Gold Collection
Railroad Set

1959 1:63

Lesney #75a

1987 1:63

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1-75 Series
Premiere Collection
Gold Collection
JC Penney Set
Show Stoppers
Laser Wheels


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Matchbox  Premiere Gold Collection

1:67 1987 Turbo Coupe T-Bird - MI-196-18  Jan 98

The Matchbox "Gold Collection" was brought out to presumably compete with the Racing Champions "Gold Chase". 
Packaging gone crazy ?

A shippers nightmare ?
Just how much shelf space will a retailer give a low cost diecast?
1987 Turbo Coupe


18 August, 2003