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Johnny Lightning - 2002 Racing Deams

 Johnny Lightning teamed up with some of the most  famous brand names in the world(?) to create 
"The Greatest Race Cars That Never Were!"

Stock Cars
 KISS - Ace Frehley  Ford Thunderbird- Silver & Black
 KISS - Gene Simmons  Ford Thunderbird- Black
 KISS - Paul Stanley  Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Black
 KISS® - Peter Criss  Pontiac Grand Prix - Silver & Black
 Lucky Charms®  Pontiac Grand Prix - Red Metallic
 Nintendo® Super Mario 64™   Pontiac Grand Prix - White & Green
 PEZ®  Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Blue, Orange & Yellow 
 Planters®  Ford Thunderbird - Blue
 T.G.I. Friday's®  Ford Thunderbird - Red & White
 U.S. Coast Guard  Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Red & White
Pro Stocks
 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®  Oldsmobile Cutlass - Blue & White 
 Reese's® Peanut Butter Cups   Pontiac Firebird - Orange
 Fudgsicle®  Pontiac Firebird - Yellow & Brown
 Pennzoil®  Oldsmobile Cutlass - Black, Yellow & Red-Orange 
 McDonald's®: Big Mac®  Oldsmobile Pro Stock: White, Yellow, Blue & Red 
 Nintendo 64® Zelda®  Pontiac Firebird Pro Stock - Blue, Green & Yellow-Orange 
 Cocoa Puffs  Ford Thunderbird- Dark Brown 
 Dairy Queen: Blizzard  Chevrolet Monte Carlo Stock Car - White & Lavender 
 Hawaiian Punch  Pontiac Grand Prix Stock Car - Orange & Blue
 McDonald's: Grimace  Pontiac Grand Prix Stock Car - Red, Yellow & Purple 
 Monkees  Dodge Avenger Funny Car - Red-Orange
 MUG Root Beer  Chevy Monte Carlo Stock Car - Red 
 Yoshi's Story  Ford Thunderbird- Blue 

Note - Tomarts Guide lists the MUG Root Beer car as a Thunderbird,
so did the Johnny Lightning site until I asked them to change it.

18 August, 2003