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Johnny Lightning - 1997 Hot Rods - Bad BIrd

Johnny Lightning chose to glorify America's hot rod scene by choosing some of the most famous models customized over the last few years

The series consisted of 10 Cars

1929 Crew Cab
1966 Pro Street
1969 Pro Street
 Bad Bird
 Beast Mobile
 Flat Head Flyer
 Goin' Goat

 All of the cars have been chosen at one time or another as one of the 'Top Ten Hot Rods of the Year!'   Thom Taylor's Bad Bird creation is the T-Bird selected, it is a heavily "frenched" 1962 Convertible with Tonneau cover

 The Bad Bird Mould # 557 has been used for -

  • 5 basic series

  • A White Lightning of each of the 5 basics, why JL decided to suddenly change to a White base instead of a Whitish body for Series 5 is anyone's guess.

  • a pair of Code 2 models for 1998 Toy Fairs

  • a Lightning Speed version (these were targeted at the JL downhill Racing fad)

  • a Rock'n'Roller packaged with a CD of Fun, Fun, Fun

Click on link to see packaging




Standard Product White Lightning
Wheel Type  Body
Wheel Type
Hot Rods 1 12 441-01 Sea Foam Black Chrome 3 Spoke Silver White Lightning
Chrome 5 Spoke
Hot Rods 2 29 441-02 Lt Blue Grey Chrome 3 Spoke White White Lightning
Chrome 5 Spoke
Hot Rods 3 40 441-03 Red Lt Grey Chrome 3 Spoke Cream White Lightning
Chrome 5 Spoke
Hot Rods 4 45 441-04 Metallic
Lt Grey White Wall
Chrome 5 Spoke
Pearl White Lightning
Chrome 5 Spoke
Hot Rods 5 6


Teal Black Goodyear
Chrome 5 Spoke
Teal White Lightning
White 5 Spoke
Hong Kong
1998 Toy Fair
- - Red Fawn Toy Fair
Chrome 5 Spoke
New York
1998 Toy Fair
- - Blue Black Toy Fair
Chrome 5 Spoke


Black Ridged Tyre 
Chrome 5 Spoke
Rock'n'Roller DLX001


Pink Grey Chrome 5 Spoke    

Please don't ask me to explain their Series Numbering system !

18 August, 2003