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Johnny Lightning - 2001 American Graffiti

Where were you in '62???

The American Graffiti collection from Johnny LightningŪ has been designed to capture the movie’s nostalgic ride through a time period characterized by leather jackets, ducktail haircuts and drag racing for pink slips.

This 1956 Ford Thunderbird represents the car driven by Suzanne Sommers inAmerican Graffiti, in the role of the "Dream Girl" pursued by Richard Dreyfuss. Her car was as desirable as she was, and this is an excellent model with lots of very fine details.

A 1956 Hardtop in "Antique White" the standard model (pictured) has a Red interior and White line Tyres.
Item # 425-00
Mould # 290




This was also released as a kit in 2002
 Item #489-20

White Lightnings


This version has - 
White Interior
White Wheels
White Lightning on tyres 
White Base 
Card is 425-00 


This version has - 
Red Interior
White Wheels
White Line Tyres
Base is not painted.
Card is 425-01


19 April, 2004