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Durham Industries

You may be looking for the "White Metal" 1:43models by Durham Classics

This sold on ebay May 2002, I miscalculated the  time difference and got home from a restaurant 30 minutes after end of auction :-(

I would dearly like to know more about these ?
They appear to have made a lot more models mounted on Pencil Sharpeners than Model cars !

Only info I have is the info below from the auction and an address
Durham Industries, Inc., 41 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010


  This is a vintage 1963 Thunderbird (looks like a '63 model, check out the pictures to be sure), made by a company called Durham Industries. It was made during the late '60s to compete with Hot Wheels. Notice the Red Line tires that look much like the Redlines from Hot Wheels of that era. 
The wheels even use press-on bearings, much like original Redline Hot Wheels. 
The body and base are made of plastic. 
The doors & hood open, but not very well. 
The base says "Durham Industries Inc." "Free Wheeler" "Made in Hong Kong" and "Thunderbird No. 8013". 
The chassis screws onto the body.