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Summer Contents

1:72 1956

University Campus

S8501 1:64 1956

No A Pillar

1:64 1956

Best Wheels
Class 1 #3
Sun Roof
Sports Racers
Smooth Base
#3 Firebird
Metal base
Plastic base
No Fender vents

Summer Information

Company Information

Summer Metal Products Manufacturing Ltd made models for about 25 years starting around 1977. They have used many names and Trademarks and models from 1:72 up to 1:64. It is not clear if they are still in operation and may have suffered due to Im[ort/Export restrictions following the transfer of Hong Kong back to the Republic of China.

SM - Summer Models
Fast Lane - Brand used by Toys'R'US
Best Wheels

They have produced several variations on their 1:64 1956 Mould
Division is where the Body casting and Base meet at side
  Base Division Fender Vents Notes
Class 1 Plastic Waistline Yes Sun roof !
#9007 Metal Sill Yes  
909 Plastic Waistline Yes  
9231 Plastic Waistline No  

Recently there appears to have been a distribution deal with Yatming

This site has no connection in business with Summer and Information is provided for non-commercial use only. 

18 August, 2003