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Resin Models - Enchantment Land Coachbuilders

Enchantment Land Coachbuilders

Tucson, Arizona
Jerry Rettig has been creating Custom 1:43 Scale Models since the early 1980's

Mesquite Models T1
1960 Thunderbird Hardtop Coupe

Brown car is not in T-Bird UK Collection

Mesquite Models T2
1965 Thunderbird Convertible Coupe

Above is Jerry's Description,
my Dictionary states
"a coupe is a Closed 2 door car"

A Later Edition was limited to 5 pieces

Not in T-Bird UK Collection

"Approximately 20 years ago when I was first starting ELC (Enchantment Land Coachbuilders) I made the 1960 Thunderbird Hardtop which was a conversion from the 1960 Dinky convertible.

The 1965 Thunderbird convertible was a conversion of the Hong Kong Dinky 1965 Hardtop

Back then American marque models were few and far between -- thus my incentive to modify existing models into other versions.  As are most of my models the Thunderbirds are resin cast........

As a by-product of my many years working with 1/43 and the generation of an electronic data base for my inventory, I produced a 1/43 reference manual called "American Wheels" a few years ago.  At that time the base covered some 2600 different American marque models.  The data base is now up to 3700!  Soon time to publish a second edition."
Jerry Rettig

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26 May, 2004