Thunderbird Model News - 026 - The Boston Iced Tea party - New Majorette and some 50th Anniversary


 2 years ago we went to Massachusetts in June and suffered Heatstroke and Air conditioning failures due to an unseasonably hot late Spring.

 So this time we thought: "mid-March should be cool" and off we went;
(travellers Tip - Use American Airlines for crossing the Pond, they really do have more leg room in "Coach class")
We got through the first day's jet lag; and woke up to (according to the TV) 12 inches of snow.

 I'm not sure what the US use to measure Inches, but it reminds me of Winston Churchill's comment about the Condoms that were supplied to the British Army as rifle muzzle protectors in Norway during World War 2
"Mark the boxes as small size, that should cause some de-moralisation amongst the Germans"

 Anyway braving slippery roads, I had rented a Plymouth Barracuda which was "interesting", and frostbite I did succeed in finding a new wheel version of the Maisto 1956 and the Hero City Matchbox 1957.

 I got back home to find that my Job role has changed yet again, and I will be travelling to Colorado again, hopefully not back on a two week turnaround as I have just set a personal record by not going there for nearly 3 years.

Don't get me wrong, Colorado is a fantastic place and I love the Mountains (in Summer) but I have now travelled there 25+ times which is a lot for a Long Haul.

Anniversary Clock

 As the 40th Anniversary of the IBM360 Mainframe Computer swishes past us, the 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird approaches rapidly. David Angel has decided that the Anniversary should be celebrated based on the 1954 Release date and is offering an anniversary clock and belt buckle.

Click here to download a PDF Order form (2 megabytes)

Majorette 1:58 1957

So the Driver 2 (2002) version does not appear to have been distributed in the US this year as promised, but "Master Collector" found one on ebay. Shortly afterwards the Ethnic (2003) version appeared from the same seller, I pounced but was outbid!

I have found a possible Source for the "Ethnic" from a collector in Austria, he is not sure how many he can offer, but if you email me at the address this email comes from (not the TBirdUK address) I will supply one per applicant at $2.50 plus shipping. He cannot supply the "Driver 2" version, due to copyright issues, this version is only available in France.

Meanwhile the 2004 version has been announced, a Stripey version, following the Tiger stripe Yatming cars. I guess this should really be described more as a Zebra stripe? Thank heavens I don't have to worry about the pronunciation in the US, I went to a Microsoft conference recently where the guy from Redmont apologised because personalisation was spelt incorrectly on his slides for a European Audience.
He cracked up when I questioned why they didn't use Microzoft.

All 3 versions (or prototypes) can be seen at

Micro Machines Rare Variety

Mike Armando has an ebay auction running for an extremely rare Thunderbird Super Coupe as part of a set of 5. Auction number is 4201342992
Click Here

Mini Marque 1:43 1958 Survey

I am trying to understand whether the x of y numbers given on Mini Marque models refer to the colour or the model, If you have any and could let me know what the colour(s) are and what the number is it would help me

Bloomingdales Hot Wheels 1957

Bargain of the year?

I tried to convince the buyer that I didn't bid because it was chipped, truth is, I missed it completely!

New on T-Bird

A new page showing Thunderbirds involvement in the Media

Covers - Films, TV and Celebrity Owners so far, any additional Information is more than welcome

Feedback on errors, omissions, and general cock ups are more than welcome.

Good Hunting

Sent: 1 Apr 2004

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