Thunderbird Model News - 025 - CTCI 2004 Model news


Murphy's Law was proven correct again, after not having sufficient News of new models for nearly 6 months, I send a newsletter, and the next day the Mailman came!

Durham 1955 1:43 models

To commemorate the upcoming 2004 CTCI meeting in Florida, David Angel is offering a pair of 1955 Thunderbirds.

Colours are Metallic Gold and Pearlescent White. 100 of each produced

Costs per model
UKú110 for delivery in US and Canada
UKú115 for Delivery in rest of World

Feels kind of weird having to pay more for delivery in my local currency, but I guess that is "Global Trading" for you.

Printable (PDF format) Order form is downloadable from Here

Feedback on errors, omissions, and general cock ups are more than welcome.

Good Hunting

Sent: 3 Mar 2004
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