Thunderbird Model News - 024 - The Art Of Googling and how to cook Spam


One thing that most web Browsers ("clickers") may not realise is that when they use a Search engine on the Web their "search String" is recorded and reported on, officially this is to enable Site Owners to fine tune their pages to ensure the browser finds the information they are looking for.

In reality it provides us with a weekly dose of amusement as we "watch" the antics of the "great Illiterati" struggle to get their fingers to hit the keyboard in sync.

Unfortunately (?) I cannot tell the origin of the query, so, if you have been searching on and your face goes red in the next few lines ..........

Some recent failed searches on

illiniois toy show
monopolpy cars
voltswagen beetle

Change of email address

Due to the incessant deluge of Spam email I will shortly be shutting down the mail address Pete@ which is now receiving in excess of 300 unwanted mails per day
A second email will follow this newsletter from my new address, please change your Address books accordingly.

New Web Site

One of our List members has opened a new UK based Web site and is promising some Thunderbird models

Good source for UK buyers, but UK Tax rates will limit the interest for our US neighbors, and the collapse of the US Dollar, (sorry, that should read "slight Currency Fluctuation") is wonderful for yours truly who is heading for New England to celebrate his "half Century" but bad news for US residents buying in Europe.
Bargain of the year?

The Master Collector strikes again!
Toothpuller hit pay dirt on this one
BLOOMINGDALES FABULOUS 57'S T-BIRD for $25? - Chipped it may be but I guess he could cap it .....
Needless to say I completely missed it being listed as I was tied up creating a new Web site, at least the Customer paid me this time!

New Kit version of the New-Ray 1956

The New-Ray kit has been repackaged and distributed, by Testors this time, major difference from the Novelty Inc. kit is that the Spare wheel cover is now the same colour as the body. Found by Don in Red and Yellow, has anyone seen a Blue one?
Has the 1966 been done as well?

Talking of Rare models

Lone Star 1955 Thunderbird
DCMT Lone Star Ford Thunderbird
I spotted this one and put a "placeholder" bid in, and then forgot!
I do already have the colour but mine has the white on red wheels, so I was not heartbroken, but I did expect to see a few more familiar names in the Bidding.
That price wasn't bad, (if you ignore the poor exchange rate) the Seller was Andrew Ralston, one of the foremost Collectors of Lone Star in the UK and publisher of several books on the subject.

And even rarer?

It appears the mysterious BT Jupiter models 1960 model produced by SMTS and then distributed by Belgian Trucks was available as a Kit as well as Ready made.
I didn't miss that one on ebay !

Identity Parade

Can anyone identify this 1956 Ornament?
"Licensed by Ford.  Funky color yellow, fat body, goofy looking grill, and reflector headlights, made in China."

Feedback on errors, omissions, and general cock ups are more than welcome.

Good Hunting

Sent: 2 Mar 2004
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