Thunderbird Model News - 023 - Thunderbird out of Production? (Again)


I hope we all had a good Summer, we had an immensely enjoyable trip to Brittany and Normandy in France, including a trip to the D-Day Invasion Beaches and to the US Military Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach. Our American readers may appreciate hearing that, for all the bad Publicity the French have received over the last few months, the fallen heroes are still extremely well respected and the 10,000+ graves are spotlessly maintained in a glorious environment.

Our Roving Reporter has filed a report on the  Woodward Dream Cruise - August 2003,

Rumour has it that the 2004 will be the last Thunderbird. My feeling is that Ford have forgotten what the words "Sports Car" mean.

$40,000 for a 2 seater with only 280HP and enough accessories to make a 1970's Yank Tank look basic?
I can buy a TVR Chimaera for that money and the brakes work !

TVR - 160mph - 0-60 in 4.7 seconds - 60-0 85ft
T-Bird - 138mph - 0-60 7 seconds - 60-0 123ft

But was the 2000+ T-Bird supposed to be a Sports Car? Only Ford can answer that, but they are too busy building Volvos and Chrysler Crossfire look alike concept cars.

OK - OK, Spleen vented, back to toys, of which I am afraid there is very little new stuff appearing.

Ford 100th Anniversary

I think the mystery of the reported 1955 1:64 model for the Anniversary may be solved, there is a Pewter model inside the Specially created Monopoly game.


That is the only 1:64 I have seen, if you know different please let me know ?

Johnny Lightning

JL seem to be getting more and more involved with Coke Licensing, I guess there must be a considerable financial advantage?

Coca Cola Festoon series
Comes with a tin mounted on card 1967 T-Bird is #3 in Series
10% of cars come with RR style Hoosier tyres

Coca Cola Poster Series
Set of 3 cars including 1959 T-Bird

Hot Wheels

Hall of Fame Series
Greatest Rides
1963 Gold with White Walls

Muscle Machines
1956 THUNDERBIRD. The car is painted in "Old Glory Paint Style and comes with White Wheels, Blue Front Tires and Red Rear tires as well as the Muscle Machine Signature, Blown Monster Motor.

Auction News

A set of pre-Dinky toy's made by Meccano in 1933 made a world record price of 12,650 ($16,500), the set was part of the "Modelled Miniature" series that were the forerunners of thousands of toys that were to be called "Dinky " and were made a year before Frank Hornby came up with the famous name. They are extremely hard to find in good condition.

At the same sale a single 28 series delivery van made the same year and advertising "Ensign films" made 4,717 ($6,150). A total of seven 28 series vans made a total of 26,335 ($35,000).


A Hotwheels 1957 Black R GYW (White hubs) in fairly poor condition fetched $209.99

A Couple of Brooklin Marilyn Sets have gone through first one went for $361 and had an extra figure in it which I could not Identify, did any one work out who it was supposed to represent ? The second set went for $316

A Brooklin CTCI 1990 Williamsburg 1956 car went for $103.50

A Brooklin CTCI 1994 3 car set went for $245

A Brooklin CTCI 1998 BattleBird went for $266

John Roberts sold a set of 3 Funeral cars converted from the 1967 4 Door Brooklin model

Went for between $200-260 each to 2 different buyers which seems a shame

A nice A&S Casino cream 1958 Convertible sneaked through at $132 - low price probably because the seller listed it as a kit, only bidder I recognised was Hobie48.

What's new on

New improved Menu System
Well, it is new, it is clearer, but it is a bit slow to load up, feedback is welcomed

New pages for Pewter Models

New Pages for Resin Models
Provence Moulage (1961)

Enchantment Land (1960 + 1965)

New Diecast Pages
Guisval (1956/7)

Tin Wizard (1961 + 1963)

Majorette (1956 + 1957 +1984)

Maisto (1956) (1:64 only so far)

Superior (1955 + 1957)

Summer (1956)

and a lot more, it's been a busy summer

Feedback on errors, omissions, and general cock ups are more than welcome.

Good Hunting

Sent: 27 Sep 2003
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