Thunderbird Model News - 022 - Ford's 100th Birthday Party


Is it as HOT where you are, as it is here ? In wet, Foggy England we have just had :-

The hottest June since 1976

Yesterday, 88 degrees - we are further North than Maine but it was 4 degrees hotter than Miami !

At least we are not in South West France which just got hit with 99mph winds and 7 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Global Warming?

Well, something just persuaded the UK government to invest $10 billion in 3 offshore "Wind Farms" to supply "Clean" Electricity to 4 million Households

Ford 100th Anniversary

Apart from the Matchbox 1:43 1955 model I mentioned in N/L21, MiniChamps (aka Paul's Model Art) have released an open top 1955 for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Ford, very nice moulding and detailing, but I think the radio Antenna is a bit on the long side? It's at least twice the height of the windscreen.

This is the same MiniChamps who released the 1:43 2002 T-Bird in the James Bond Collection.

I have posted an interesting Field Report by my "roving Reporter" of the actual Celebrations
Many Thanks to Steve (and Family)

And Finally, a bit of a teaser !

Is there a second version of the Matchbox 1:43 "Coke Billboard" car on the way ? The one released in 2001 was pale Green (not really Seafoam in my opinion)

However if you go to
and put thunderbird in the Search Box
....... It sure looks like a new color (black?) and logo to me ?

Good Hunting

Sent: 16 Jul 2003
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