Thunderbird Model News - 021 - The Brooklin Massacree

Happy Summertime

  What was the name of that Arlo Guthrie film which I have paraphrased this month's title from ? (anyone under 45 years of age is exempted from that question)

This newsletter has been postponed several times, firstly because there haven't been many new releases and secondly because there has been some "exciting" bidding on EBAY and I didn't want to drive prices up !

Obviously the following is from my viewpoint so I hope I don't irritate anyone, I do seem to have invented a new form of gambling, which consists of placing Virtual bets with sellers as to who will win an auction ! I am currently winning 2-1

Matchbox News

Following the "My Classic car" release, I am informed by a guy in Austria - I want to let you know that Matchbox has just released a new five pack, number 6 for 2003, which includes a new variation of the MB 042 '57 T-Bird, in light blue with red interior and "HERO CITY SPORTS" logos on the doors.

Also Don has pointed out to me that the 1:43 1955 model has been released for the 100th Anniversary of Ford.

Colour is Turquoise with Turquoise hard top which should cause a degree of confusion with the 1993 MICA Car.

Ebay News

Following my purchase of the Code3? 1990 Williamsburg CTCI Peacock Blue with White roof, the seller asked if I was interested in a Buckskin Tan model, unfortunately he would not accept a "sale or Return" type deal, and we could not work out a way of comparing the color shade he had to the one in my Collection, there are 3 variations on that color; if anyone knows a simple way of comparing colours electronically please let me know, the deal fell through. Anyway he put it up on EBAY and it made $281.50 (I paid $310 on yahoo auctions last year).

Meanwhile a Gunmetal Grey Birdnest 1957 sneaked through at $102 thanks to a truly appalling write up and photograph

The "usual suspects" also joined in the bidding for a 40th anniversary 3 Car set which ended at $233

Suddenly seven shades of whatsit broke out as a Illinois Toy Collectors' Show 1956 model appeared, the first I have seen so I had to grab it at $311, I did feel guilty that I sniped some familiar names !

The guy who sold the Buckskin Tan car then found an Illinois model on his shelves and it just closed at $306 so I don't feel so bad

A collection of 1956 Brooklins did not sell at $500 which was not really surprising considering the contents -

Set of 1992 CTCI Tulsa
CTCI Dallas 1988
CTCI Williamsburg 1990
1 Miniature Cars (1988)
1 Stock production red.

SMTS/Jupiter/BT Trucks
A white one appeared!!! This is my ALL time Favourite 1:43 T-Bird model (1960 Open top) the detailing is staggering with the BEST radiator Grille I have ever seen. I was extremely relieved to get it at $124 as my max bid was a long way above that.

Vectis Auctions
Just in case you thought the prices on EBAY were too high, bear in mind the following:-
An empty cardboard box from the turn of the century that once contained a set of British toy soldiers fetched  1,265 (including commissions) when it was auctioned by Teesside auction house, Vectis, as part of the Potsdam collection, which saw over 80,000 toy soldiers, sold on May 21st.
1,256 = $2,087 for an EMPTY box ?
I assume the buyer had an unboxed set, anyone want to guess on the value for the "complete" set ? News

    Very few additions to report but some new Pictures in the listings for



Johnny Lightning

Good Hunting

Sent: 17 Jun 2003
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