Thunderbird Model News - 020 - Easter Bunny arrived - Lone Star Roadmaster found

Happy Easter

  Jane and I attended a "Wheels Day" organised by our regional "Street Rod" club, took me by surprise as unlike most UK local shows which usually have about 50 cars, this was a big one with over 500 cars from all over Europe.  A good sprinkling of T-Birds with some beautiful examples up for sale at silly prices and some wreckers at even sillier prices, $22,000 for a collection of Body filler with a rusty 57 Trunk lid on it !

  Any way, apart from that there were a couple of nice 56's, a 57 which made me do a double take as it was the same color as Dot Lang's, a 59 Hardtop and a 71 Hardtop. Other cars of note were an Authentic Shelby Mustang, a 440 Charger and an MG V8 which had been converted into a mini 4WD Monster Truck !

  For me the top of the show was an immaculate white 58 convertible with working fold away roof. Sorry to those who think "Proper" T-Birds have only 2 Seats.

  Whilst meandering the Stalls I saw a T-Bird model that was so unexpected I failed to recognise it !
    1:43 Scale
    Diecast body, plastic wheels, and a slot in the body for a windshield to poke through?

    I Pick it up, and yes it is a Lone Star Roadmaster !
    Complete wrecker missing windshield and seats and "playworn" but I must admit I was so busy getting my cash out I didn't even listen to the guy telling me he'd never seen one before. So at last I have a decent photo to illustrate the differences between the Black and the red bases for this marque.

Matchbox News

    The 1957 1:63 mould appears in yet another color Combo, Red with Tan Interior, looks like Premier style wheels

Ebay News

    Brooklins really went wild this past month, some very interesting ones

    First was a 1990 Williamsburg CTCI Peacock Blue, but it has a White roof !!
    If anyone knows anything about this model could they let me know? Was it a special for the meeting or a Code 3 done by someone else ?

    Next up was a Pink car, which I was outbid on, I am waiting to hear from the buyer which model it is based on, but it has a distinctly non-Brooklin Spare Wheel Carrier.

    Photos of both are at

    Last but not least John Roberts has created a code 3 of the Brooklin 1967 4 door Landau, but a 2 door convertible ?
    He thinks Ford made a prototype, I can find no record of it, and am far from convinced the body shell would have been rigid enough after losing it's roof. News

    Pictures added to all Brooklin pages

    Pages added for F&F T-Bird models

    Additional Pages for Stock cars from Yatming and ERTL

    Page added for Racing Champions 1:64 1956 models

Good Hunting

Sent: 20 April 2003
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