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Durham Classics

 Far be it for me to spread gossip, but a little bird told me that David Angel is totally unimpressed with Durham Classics doing a mail shot to what he considers his customers !

Seems that if you ordered the 2002 CTCI1954 cars by mail they sent an order form to you for the 2003 versions regardless of who you ordered from.
I did suggest to David he should start a price war but that didn't seem to be on his agenda ... 


Confirmation that the1955 Yellow 1:43 Matchbox Premiere they prepared for the 2002 Maple Leaf meeting was done in 2 versions. 
25 were done as a " Members only" car with a silver shield on trunk.
95 were done to raise club funds with a white shield. 

Pictures at

ps ColorComp say they emptied Mattel's warehouses of the Yellow '55 so if you haven't got one yet, it may be a good idea to grab one.


At some point last year ColorComp released a special of the Matchbox 1:631957 mould for a Magazine called Cruisin New England.

If anyone has a spare or knows where to buy one, please let me know. 

Picture is at

Hot Wheels

A new  HW  mould coming ? 

 There is a1965 T-Bird scheduled for release in the 2003 Preferred Series which will consist of 8x4car sets, The T-Bird will be in the Custom Rodder series.  

 The1957 T-Bird is also scheduled for a 2003 World Race series 5x7car sets this time with the T-Bird in Team 5

Johnny Lightning

1961 Indy Pace Car in gold/white is due in May in the Classic Gold 2 - Release 18

A1956 T-bird in Mandarin Orange is due in June in the JL Gold Series - Release 2 

These will be in window Boxes rather than on Bubble cards so I guess a price hike is in the offing


 I hear the 1957 Driver 2 car is scheduled for Export to US/UK this year
Picture at

 The Majorette French 2003 catalog also shows a pre release mock up of something called an Thunderbird Ethnic. I hope it will at least be decently tampo printed rather than paper labels ! 
Picture at

Good Hunting

Sent: 13 February 2003
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