Thunderbird Model News - 016 - Matchbox Color Comp Code 2's News


 The Compliments of the Season to all as I am not planning another Newsletter this month. (unless something really good appears.)

Color Comp News

They have been busy producing Code 2 and 3 models
A MatchBox 2000 Concept 1:63 Convertible sneaked through on eBay which set me hunting.

I now find they have also produced 3 models based on the Matchbox 1:43 1955 Platinum model (yellow)

  1. For the 2002 Maple Leaf meeting
  2. For the same Ford dealer who issued the 2000 model - Pacifico Ford 75th Anniversary - no mention on their website, and they don't have any special offers on T-Birds for my zip code.
  3. For the Northwest Matchbox Club 2002 - Their website is a little out of date


Hot Wheels News

Dot Lang's Newsletter reported that the 2002 1957 T-Bird is in 2 colors, I am still trying to Identify which one I already have.
Does anyone know of a way of identifying which color is "Bright" Metallic blue?
Is there a difference in the Packaging?
Hopefully I already have the "dark blue" but won't be able to tell until arrives.

Matchbox News

I see my suspicion about the source of the "Dot Dash" and "5 Arch" mixed wheel types on the MB42 1957 is confirmed by a current ebay auction.

Rumours persist that the 2000 Concept mould has been modified and will appear as a 2003 model year.
Personally I doubt this as a Pre Production resin was sold at a Vectis Auction earlier this year. Seeing the resins sold before production occurs usually means that the model has been dropped.


I described the MICA UK 2002 set with the 1:43 Green 1955 and the Ford Model A van a few newsletters ago, it transpires another 1955 was created as well as a couple of Colour Trials


Now I REALLY regret not going ...

Ebay Gossip

It was a close run race for the "silly price of the year award" but

A very nice Bloomingdale set
was just pipped at the post by an exquisite 1959 Corgi 214M
The buyer was obviously determined to upgrade so he put his own one up for sale and it sold at $420,
Proof indeed that prices are driven by -
Condition, Box, Condition and Box Condition

However this auction raises another question, what is Mint? Those tyres are obviously original, but would you consider them Mint ?

Thunderbirds ? I don't think so -
1998 T-Bird ? It's a Tau*us really
1956 T-Bird? It's more like a '58 Che*y according to Revell

What's new

A few minor updates and corrections but nothing really to report - I have made some progress with the database conversion and hope to have it online by the Spring.

Good Hunting

Sent: 1 December 2002
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