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The Funlines are out and as ugly as I expected, a complete Caricature.
RIO News

A Wholesaler in the US has ordered 24(?) of the 1956 1:43 Hardtop Model in a nice Black White combination, presumably these were as samples to see what the Retailers reaction was. One appeared on ebay and I snapped it up. Picture

Limited quantities are available through Warren Hoppe

I have since found the same model offered at
which may well be the wholesaler that Warren means!

Check pricing and S&H charges from both if I was you, I make no promises or guarantees about the production number, Warren has changed his mind already !!!

Maisto News

A new version of the 1:64 1956 Hardtop is out in a twin pack with a Model T (shades of the Lone Star twin packs ?) - Usual Red body, but different Wheels with a DD5 style. Info at

eBay news

A couple of Interesting Pre-Pro Matchbox (White Rose) NASCARS went through without any bids

MB7 Ford T-Bird NASCAR model. Pre-pro bare metal, gray interior,black plastic unrivited base. - $19.00 no bids

Strange Hybrid in my opinion, no Gold models were released using that mould Picture

My reminder system failed me and I forgot to place a bid on this Brooklin Click
I see MJ placed a banker Bid, he was probably very surprised I didn't cross bid, not half as surprised as I was when I realised I'd forgotten.
In case you are wondering it is actually the Cream (Ivory) 1st Edition (1987) of the EWA car with the Green licence plate and all red Interior, as opposed to the description stating the colour is White which would be the more common 1988 car!
If of course you have a spare you can offer me ......

New on

A listing of Micro Machines 1963 T-Birds - Information on which sets the car came from will be added ASAP, if you can fill any gaps please email me.
As usual any errors, additional Information or missing picture are more than welcome

Good Hunting

Sent: 26 October 2002
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