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Welcome to the new members.

Sorry to the others for the longer than usual gap between issues, I wanted to get a few more pages completed on the webby, but you know what schedules are like.

Johnny Lightning News

Thunderbirds Release 3 - arrived eventually, looks like JL have changed the White Lightning format AGAIN - 
now White base and engine.
The White Lightning are packaged with Hood open so you can see the engine but this makes them REALLY stand out on the pegs so it will be interesting to see if this effects availability to the "normal" collector as they probably will be lifted by the shelf stockers.
I am not sure who picked the colour for the 1958 but they must be "optically challenged" !

Holiday Classics 2002 - are also out and setting new standards for Garishness

Thunderbirds Release 4 - (for release November 2002) - Confirmed models - 
1958 Hardtop - starlight black
1960 Hardtop - clear coat (want to bet how many people try to sell that on eBay as a rare variation ?)
1961 Convertible - Grecian gold
1962 Roadster - Roman red
1967 Hardtop - metallic silver
Photo of some of Thunderbirds release 4 now available

Ragtops Release 1 - (For Release November 2002) - Confirmed models: -
1962 Sports Roadster - cameo white
and 5 other Mfr's Photo now available

Racing Legends - The Series 3 Conundrum is solved at last jl_legends.asp for the story so far

A new mystery with (apparently) a different version of the 1956 American Graffiti White Lightning

FunLine News

The 1:64 Muscle Machines series Have a 1956 Hardtop scheduled
Series I Includes 02-53 Red
Series J Includes 02-59 Yellow
Series O Includes 02-89 White
Series P Includes 02-53 Black

I can't find a clear picture but strongly suspect they will have a large Motor/Blower combo sticking out of the hood.
Series I & J were scheduled for September, but there is a Dock Strike (somewhere)

Majorette News

The #290 1:58 1957 Hardtop has been found in Belgium in a 5 Pack in a new version labeled "Driver 2" (this is advertising a PlayStation Game)
Red with White Interior and Gray base, and yet another variation on wheels
If anyone knows the history (code 2?) of these please let me know
Click for picture

High Speed News

The Melrose Hotel Promo #665 (many thanks to "The Master Collector" aka Toothpuller) for finding me one
It is a 1:43 1955 model and is a moulding which I have not seen before.
Click for picture

New on

The complete(?) listing of the Matchbox1:63 1957 releases

A listing of Micro Machines note - 1963 page not completed
Information on which sets the car came from will be added ASAP, if you can fill any gaps please email me.

Another variation of the ERTL 1:43 1957 T-Bird

As usual any error reports, additional Information or missing picture are more than welcome.

Good Hunting

Sent: 13 October 2002
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