Thunderbird Model News - 012 - New T-Birds from Matchbox, Hot wheels and Brooklin


Matchbox News

The good news is that a Limited Edition of 200 sets was issued at the 17th UK MICA convention in 2002, consisting of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird and a 1930 Ford Model A Van.
Set Number is M15 it is based on the DYGO8/B version
Picture is heremicaset.jpg  

The bad news is that with an edition of 200 to dedicated collectors they are going to be TOUGH to find, not to mention pricey. Only one I have seen is on offer in c9.5+ condition at 175+S&H ($275+S&H), if you are interested, you know my mail address!

Johnny Lightning News

Thunderbirds Release 3 - ?
Holiday Classics 2002 - ?
JL insist they have delivered to shops, but no-one has them?

Hot Wheels News

New Military Rod from KB Toys 1957 HT with Port Hole and Real RidersPicture

Brooklin News

A 1959 open top version created for the San Francisco Bay Brooklin Club as their 2002 special for members only. Shows car in Chinese New Year Parade with "Princess" and Photographer - only 200 made.

Dinky News

The November 2002& Issue of "Model Collector" has a 3 page Article by Nigel Mynheer on the Dinky #555 1960 Thunderbird made in France and South Africa, transpires there are 4 colors of the South African version including a Cream colour that he values at 2,800, that's US$4,400 so I guess I'll have to wait a while.

eBay News
The Matchbox railroad set with the Turquoise 1957 failed to hit it's reserve, Bidding stopped at $152.50.
New on

Not a lot published, next up will be the complete(?) listing of the Matchbox 1:63 1957 releases

Good Hunting

Sent: 23 September 2002
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