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Johnny Lightning News

Thunderbirds Release 3 - delivery starts this weekend!

Holiday Classics 2002 - delivery started last Wednesday!

Thunderbirds Release 4 - Delivery scheduled for November 2002 - Confirmed models
1956 Hardtop - crocus yellow
1958 Hardtop - starlight black
1960 Hardtop - clear coat (want to bet how many people try to sell that on eBay as a rare variation ?)
1961 Convertible - Grecian gold
1962 Roadster - Roman red
1967 Hardtop - metallic silver
Photo of some of Thunderbirds release 4now available

Ragtops Release 1 - Delivery scheduled November 2002 - confirmed models:
1962 Roadster - Cameo White
and 5 other Mfr's

The Racing Legends Conundrum is getting worse, for the story so far

eBay News

There's a whole bunch of Micro Machine T-Birds up for sale from Mike Armando (ebay ID=Marmando) Click here

What's New on

Not a lot of New stuff published, next up will be the complete(?) listing of the Matchbox 1:63 1957 releases

Good Hunting

Sent: 14 September 2002
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