Thunderbird Model News - 010 - New Hot Wheels and some Matchboxes


New Hot Wheels '57

Walmart have released a Hot wheels series of "Cruisin America" including a nice 1957 Hardtop. I drove past a Walmart in England on my UK vacation, unfortunately the similarity ceased as soon as you got beyond the name and the Logo and they had no more Toy selection than my local Food Market.

New Matchbox 1957 Code 2

2002 THIRD ANNUAL SALMON RIVER FESTIVAL, PULASKI, NY, September 14, 2002, 1957 Red Thunderbird.
Code 2 Authorized, licensed, and produced by MATCHBOX, 2002. 150 produced.
These are available direct from Dr Matchbox (please quote this newsletter) The good doctor has also pointed out to me that there now 3 varieties of the Patsy Cline Matchbox, a fact I was blissfully ignorant of ( I know that I should pay more attention to Dot's newsletter )

  1. Patsy Cline MEMORIAL which is on a Blister Card.
    Code 1 Authorized and Produced by Matchbox, 1996. 7000 made.
  2. Patsy Cline FAN CLUB Boxed.
    Code 2 Authorized and Produced by Matchbox, September, 2001. <200 made
  3. Patsy Cline "CRAZY for the Bloom" Boxed
    Code 2 Authorized and Produced by Matchbox, May 2001, for the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival <500 made.

Johnny Lightning News

Thunderbirds Release 3 is delayed delivery!

Holiday Classics 2002 is late delivery!

Photo of some of Thunderbirds release 4 now available

eBay News

eBay seems VERY quiet this month but still some hefty prices for rarer T-Birds
Johnny Lightning White Lightning ELVIRA Release 4 Serial# 0005 - $138.50
Johnny Lightning White Lightning Thunderbirds Release 1 1956 T-Bird Roadster 3 have sold between $47.33 and $36.69

What's New on

Not a lot, but a new Improved Navigation aid for Matchbox pages and some reworking, remaining MB pages next month

Good Hunting

Sent: 11 September 2002
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