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New New Ray News

1956 and 1966 models in a series called Xtreme Machines Click to see box which appear to be produced for WALMART Canada only.
Still not listed on the New-Ray site

Johnny Lightning web site correctly announces 2002 Holiday Classics

Never let it be said that JL ignore their Customers, Web Site was fixed within 12 hours ! and they also fixed
which no longer claims the MUG root beer car was a T-Bird. They even apologised on behalf of Tomart's guide, although I suspect there may be a copyright Issue looming :-)
Now to get the Stock Cars legends listing sorted.

New Hot Wheels 1957

As reported in Dot Lang's Newsletter the car will be given out at a Houston Astros baseball game in September.
A "pre Release" has been sold on eBay
If it hadn't been for the Bloomingdales set, it would have been this months record for a HotWheels T-Bird

New Micro Machines

1989 Super Coupe in Europe only Set
Same mould as the MM "Private Eyes" series but without "sun roof"
White with Red stripes, 7 spoke wheels, and #46 on doors

It has been a LONG time since models were available in the UK but not in the US, I for one think the new US copyright/trademark laws are "ruddy marvelous" to quote that well known cockney and friend of Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke

New on

Not a lot, but a new Improved Navigation aid for Brooklin and Johnny Lightning is in place and the JL Racing Dreams section updated.

Good Hunting

Sent: 16 August 2002
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