Thunderbird Model News - 008 - Silly Season


I am not sure how "Global" Silly Season is, so maybe I'd better explain.
Here in the UK the Government shuts for the Summer, Soccer is only played in the Winter, and all the big cricket matches have been played leaving our press without much to report on.

Therefore our usually calm, collected National Press spend 6 weeks making the National Inquirer look respectable. This is known as the Silly Season and such stories as -

rapidly become Front Page News.

The rest of the year is known as the Governments silly season, the difference being the press know where to find the Homer Simpsons speaking.

Anyway, as ebay is quiet, let's join the fun with some unlikely stories -

Johnny Lightning web site announces2002 Holiday classics

but publishes the list of cars from 2001, I am assured by another source that the 56 and 58 T-Birds WILL be in the actual release set

TBird-UK nearly gets a neg on Ebay

Yes Folks, yet another error on the Johnny Lightning Site, Mug Root Beer - Ford Thunderbird Stock Car - Red
So Off I went and Bid on
Fortunately the seller spotted the minor detail that the car is a Che*y and let me off my bid on her auction.
To compound the problem, Tomarts JL guide have copied the error, so when I queried
He was not happy, but has relisted...

Ebay buyer bids $305 for a (Praying Mantis) Johnny Lightning Thunderbird

But doesn't meet reserve !

T-Bird UK finds new New Ray 1956 Xtreme Machines model on Ebay

and a 66but are they Code 3 ?

Lots of people sell Brooklin 1992 CTCI sets as prices fall

New Durham Classics available

I am not sure of the status of these (if they're Code 1, 2 or 3) but the following are available, if ordering please tell him I sent you ?

20 sets made, they are the same T-Birds by Durham Classics but these T-Birds have more detail cast into the body as you may notice on the standard ones they have removed the front and rear emblems and used decals instead which looks so much nicer also they now use decals for the side flashes. All in all the models have more detail and look sharper. I have 2 sets for sale, 4 T-Birds in each set, same colors as before.

Let me know if you are interested $135.00 US per T-Bird or if you want a set we could work out a deal.


New pages for models OEM'd by SMTS, covering A&S Modelmakers, BT Jupiter, Conquest and MiniMarque43
As usual any error reports or additional material are welcome

Good Hunting

Sent: 06 August 2002
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