Thunderbird Model News - 007 - The Johnny Lightning Ad Rods are Out


Johnny Lightning News

Ad Rods Series 4
Set includes - 1956 Open - Light Blue
They have been released but so far the T-Bird has not been offered on ebay as a single Item, only if you buy the set!!
It's nearly enough to make me wish I collected Camaro's

Mystery of the Month!

As asked
Has anyone seen the Stock Cars Series 3 Buddy Baker T-Bird listed at

Micro Machines News

A bit of a scramble on eBay over the last few weeks, the Micro Machines secondary market has certainly heated up since they stopped US Distribution.

So Why did I have to buy a MM only released in the UK from a guy in the U.S.? If it was in the UK shops I sure missed it ...

The seller (Mike) contacted me and offered a bunch more, I have blocked out the ones I have ordered but the rest are available at $2.00  
If you want any of them please contact Mike direct

The 2nd Mystery of the Month!

In 1991 Galoob released a series of "Stock car Superstars" sets, which included some ThunderBirds, on the base of the pack 6 Sets are listed, on the back of the Hanger 5 are pictured. I have -
Set #4 - Sterling Marlin - Blue #22
Set #5 - Bill Elliott - Red #11
The missing one both in my collection and in the photos is -
Set #2 - listed as a Mark Martin T-Bird, this would presumably be the Valvoline #6

Has anyone got one or even seen one?

What's new

I have very, very nearly finished the Johnny Lightning Pages, including White Lightning Information.
I would have completed them by now but some comedian on ebay is selling the Series 2 T-Birds as White Lightnings and hence I have got my first bid Retraction on EBay and had to pay him for the one I didn't retract in time.

Good Hunting

Sent: 21 July 2002
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