Thunderbird Model News - 005 - More Johnny Lightning's coming at you


Tiffany T-bird
In case you want a fairly poor model of a "2001" T-Bird !
Johnny Lightning News

The Marvel Comic Book Cars 4-Car Box Set
Includes a 58-60 T-Bird as the Spider Man car, I'll give more details as soon as I see one or hear from another source

Ad Rods Series 4 - For Release July 2002
Set includes - 1956 Open Ford Thunderbird in Light Blue

Holiday Classics Cars - For Release August 2002
Set includes - 1956 Thunderbird,  1958 Thunderbird

Thunderbirds Series 3 - For Release August 2002
1956 Roadster (Mist Green)
1956 Hard Top (Sunset Coral)
1958 Hard Top (Tropical Rose)
1962 Convertible (Turquoise)
1967 Hard Top (Burnt Amber)
1968 Hard Top (Rally Red)

Thunderbirds Series 4 - For Release November 2002

Durham Classics

No winners on David Angel's mistake, so perhaps it is me that is wrong?

David's advert said that Colonial White was a 1955 color, according to my books the 1955's were Snowshoe White, which was replaced by Colonial White in 1956 (less prone to discoloration due to engine heat? )
To be really picky, both Colonial White and Golden Rod Yellow were not available until either January (or March) 1955 so it would not have been on the "54" cars

What's new

I have begun work on the Johnny Lightning Pages, including White Lightning Information, as usual any help with filling the gaps is welcome

I hear may be mentioned in the July/August issue of EarlyBird. I would love to receive a scan of the page if it is?

And I found the #35 Kulwicki RCI car on Ebay .....

Good Hunting

Sent: 6 July 2002
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