Thunderbird Model News - 004 - CTCI 2002


That Dinky Collection that Vectis sold including the South African Thunderbirds ended up selling for a total of 250,000 ($375,000) which makes my collection look a bit puny ....
Durham Classics Code 3

David Angel has released details of his models for CTCI 2002, made by Durham Classics with the "1954" Fairlane stripes, a nice looking pair.
 A quick competition - who will be the first member to respond to me with the error in David's color selections !!

What I found (and where) on my New England/Canada trip

The 2nd series of the Johnny Lightning Thunderbirds (KB Toys, MA)
Some White Lightnings of this series are appearing on eBay, I am hoping to have a list/web page identifying the differences available shortly, as White Lightnings are tough to identify once they are out of the bubble.

The Hot wheels '57 "Rock and Roll Cafe" set China car (dark red, Black and Silver stripes, No Porthole, DD3) (K Mart, MA)

SS5718 open top in a very attractive Dark Metallic Green (Gift shop, Hampton Beach ME)

SS5718 Hard top in white No Porthole (Gift shop, Niagara Falls, Canada)

The find of the trip was in a NASCAR store, miles from anywhere in the NH White Mountains, the owner had bought the entire stock of a shop closing down in Portsmouth and is hoping to take advantage of low rent in the mountains -
I Eventually have the "Small number" variety of the #64 Sunny King, RCI 1983-86 Series.
Shame that it leaves me with one more car than will fit in the Display case.
Now for the #35 Kulwicki !

A Happy Holiday to the revolutionaries !

Good Hunting

Sent: 30 June 2002
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