Thunderbird Model News - 002 - More Dreams of South Africa ?


Thanks for the kind responses to this newsletter, I am glad to see it is being received well.


1:87 1989 Coupe
A new colour for 2002 was due for release this month


Vectis have offered more South African T-Birds, a MAJOR collection of Dinky's has been on exhibition at the UK National Motor museum for the last 12 months and is now being auctioned off. I Know they are rare, but $500 for no box and a broken windscreen ?

Johnny Lightning

When I said in last N/L the 1956 Series 1 White Lightning was tough, I meant for Europeans! I know a guy is selling on ebay but he won't ship to Europe.
Does anyone know if a White Lightning exists of the 1956 Hard top from the American Grafitti series ?


John Roberts has sold Customised versions of the 1967 Suicide Door Landau

Durham Classics

Innewsletter #1 I forgot to mention that David Angel is preparing a pair of "Fairlane" 1955's as this year's CTCI convention models!

Any information aboutDurham Industries would be welcomed

I have "Won" one at last but does anyone understand the relationship between

Nice models but a confusing lineage!
Ebay Auction News

Surprisingly Low Price for an A&S ?
I'll bet it would have gone for twice that amount if it had been a US Seller !

You may have seen a lot of T-Bird Micro-Machine Activity on eBay which has helped me fill several gaps in my collection
A lot have come from "Pure Micros", (Don Wolph) whose web site has Pictures of T-Birds they have released

What's new

Good Hunting

Sent: 23 May 2002
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