Thunderbird Model News 001 - Dreams of South Africa ?


This is the first issue of a newsletter aiming to provide a forum for information about Ford ThunderBird Models of All Years.

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Dinky #555 South Africa News

Some were sold in the UK last week, for some reason my bids didn't win

Johnny Lightning News

Thunderbirds Release 1 is out
1956 Roadster - Starlight Black
1958 Hardtop - Roman Red
1959 Hardtop - Cascade Green
1961 Convertible - Charcoal
1967 Hardtop - Glacier Blue
1968 Hardtop - Lime Gold

White Lightning's of all 6 are available, but the '56 and the '61 are tough to find
Thunderbirds Release 2 (due June 2002)
1956 Roadster - Fiesta Red
1960 Hardtop - Indian Turquoise
1961 Roadster - Dark Blue Metallic
1962 Sports Roadster - Yellow
1967 Hardtop - White
1968 Hardtop - Black
Thunderbirds Release 3 (due August 2002)
Thunderbirds Release 4 (due November 2002)

Brooklin News

The 4 Door " Suicide door " 1967 Landau has been released, and John Roberts is already selling Customised versions

Durham Classics

David Angel is offering a Code 3 (run of 25) of the 1956 open to celebrate his participation in the South American Inca Trail Rally.

Durham Industries

Any information aboutthis model Range would be welcomed

Good Hunting

Sent: 11 May 2002

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