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ERTL Contents

1:43 1957

#2802 1957 Hardtop

1:43 Stock Car

K021 1997 Stock Car

1:64 1957

#1615 Cars of the World
#26 Replica Series

1:64 Stock Cars

1982 SixPack
1983 Stockers
1992 SpeedStrip
1993 Bud by Matchbox

ERTL Information

Company Information

RCERTL was formed in early 1999 when Racing Champions Inc. acquired the ERTL Corporation  

ERTL was formed in 1947 and has been a Premier US Toy manufacturer for many years.

Racing Champions was formed in 1989 and has been a major player in the US Diecast Market and has absorbed many of it's competitors.

RCERTL have made a large range of models over the years however this site is only concerned with scales of 1:32 and smaller.


This site has no connection in business with RCERTL and Information is provided for non-commercial use only. 

18 August, 2003