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Durham Classics Information 1:43 Scale

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DURHAM CLASSICS is the sole producer of 1:43 scale hand built automotive miniatures in Canada, and have been producing models since 1980

DC-33 and DC-36

 A rather nice 1955 1:43 model, which some people think was created from the 1955 Brooklin Hard Top mould.  (BRK13x) I think there are too many differences and that it would have been easier to start from a blank lump of Clay.

 Series was announced September (?) 2000, but deliveries did not commence until Spring 2001, in fact the White version for Shlitz was released first.

 This original ? Promotion Photo in 2000  shows some colour variations and a note added by Dot Lang.

The variations shown do still exist
 as one off pre-production models


1955 Ford Thunderbird series by Durham Classics

Model ID

Colour  #
Released Comment


White 125 10/2000 Modelled after the '55 Schlitz Thunderbird that was the first prize in a competition for guessing the mileage put on the car during it's journey from Independence Hall in Philadelphia to the American Embassy in London, England.
33-A Yellow 200 4/2001 Variations exist of some of these detailed below.
33-B Black 200 4/2001
33-C Red 200 4/2001
33-D Blue 200 4/2001
33-A1 Yellow 20 7/2002
"These T-Birds have more detail; instead of the detail cast into the body they have removed the front and rear emblems and used decals instead which looks so much nicer also they now use decals for the side flashes"
33-B1 Black 20
33-C1 Red 20
33-D1 Blue 20

33 Code-3

White 25 4/2002 David Angel had these created to celebrate his participation in the HERO (Historic Endurance Rally Organisation) 2001 event.
Check out HERO at
33-E Gold 100 4/2004 Thunderbird 50th Anniversary
Ordered by David Angel for the CTCI 2004 Meeting held in Miami
Originally a set of 2, Black was added later
33-F Pearl White 100
33-G Black 100

#36 1954 Prototype

36 Colonial White/
Tropical Rose
100 8/2002 Ordered by David Angel for the CTCI 2002 Meeting held in Parsippany New Jersey. A model of "1954 Prototype Thunderbird" with "Fairlane" Stripes and the same emblem changes as the 20 Sets listed above
36-A Golden Rod Yellow/
Raven Black
36-B White/Turquoise 100 1/2003  
36-C Cream/Orange 100  
36-D Midnight Blue 100  
38-A Metallic Blue   4/2007  
38-B Dark Green    
38-C Black/Orange    
38-D Metallic Blue/Cream    

That was the easy bit, but our Canadian friends don't like collecting to be too easy  !

Hello there Pete, this is Margaret from Durham Classics

 When we first produced our Thunderbird we did produce with the WRONG color seat inserts, we then did change it to the correct version

 The Black Thunderbird was first produced with I believe it was Red Seats with white inserts it then was corrected to Black seats with white inserts...

Probably about 30-40 were shipped and then corrected.

 So as you can see it was a true mistake, there were a few others produced in the wrong color but we have fixed all the color mistakes and now  produce the Thunderbirds the way they should be!

Sorry for the confusion but that's what's collecting is all about!<<< 

 OK, but to make it really interesting they also engraved the serial number on the base plate of some but not all, and then mixed up the "wrong" seats throughout the 200 sets

 If you can add to the list below please email me.

 Actually whatI think happened was - they used the Orange colour by mistake, realised the Orange Seats clashed with the Body Color, used up a short run by swapping seats with the Black Car,  reordered both the Red seats and Red Paint. and then completed the production run, this would of course explain the delivery delays ! 
Then of course the question as to how the detailed versions which were produced at the same time as the "1954" cars became numbered in the original 200 has not been explained !  and why they reverted again to the White on black seats for the Red car, and ..........


Body Colour - ** indicates the "Detailed" version

Series #

33a Yellow

33b Black

33c Red

33d Blue




White on Black



Yellow on Black

White on Red

White on Black

White on Blue


Yellow on Black

White on Black

White on Red

White on Blue


Yellow on Black

White on Black

White on Red

White on Blue



White on Red




Yellow on Black **

White on Red

 White on Black **

White on Blue

Info supplied by - (in no particular order) 
Jack Sissel, Ken Gray, Jeff Rosen and  John Roberts
If you can add to this list please email me

The Full Production DC-33A Yellow and DC-33D Blue

DC-33B Early Production Orange-Red Seat and Full Production Black Seat

DC-33C Early Production Orange-Red and Full Production Red

DC-33C-1 Detailed Red and DC-33A-1 Detailed Yellow
Sorry about the colour balance, new photos soon

DC-33 Code 3 Inca Trail and DC-33 Schlitz

DC-33G Black / DC-33E Gold / DC-33F Pearl

DC-36 and DC-36A
CTCI 2002 New Jersey

DC-36B and DC-36C