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Corgi Table of Contents
Corgi History

1957 1:32

348 VEGA$
801 / 810 Classics
39901 ELVIS
39902  Monroe

1957 1:63

96-2 Junior
90520 Junior
Hot Wheels

1959 1:42

214 Hardtop
215 Open
430 Taxi

1961 1:72

8-a1 Convertible
8-b1 Hardtop

Corgi Toys 39902 Marilyn Monroe

1:36 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Car is in lovely pearlescent Grey paint work and has "Diamond" headlights

Marilyn  in the classic "7 Year Itch" pose.

Made in China
Corgi Classics Limited
Leicester LE3 2RL
Great Britain

Marilyn's T-Bird - Truth and Trivia  ?

Marilyn's1955 T-Bird was originally Coral Pink but it was resprayed to Black. 
Both versions were modelled in a Brooklin set

It is thought the car was given to Marilyn by the Photographer Milton H. Greene

Marilyn drove the car from Hollywood to New York in 1956 where she married Arthur Miller prior to moving to London, England.

>> MM and Arthur Miller in the car

Marilyn gave the car to John Strasberg, her acting coach's son.

Marilyn Monroe never owned or drove a 1957 Thunderbird -
The fabled 1957 Pink Dream was rented by Ben Stern for the Infamous "Nude photo" session and was used to transport to the Hotel a Case of  Champagne which was then spiked with Vodka. 
This 2 day session for Vogue in Suite 261 at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles created the last known Photograph's taken of Marilyn before her death. 

Marilyn was registered at birth as
Norma Jeane Mortenson. 
Norma Jeane named after one her mother's  favourite actresses: Norma Talmadge.
Mortenson was possibly her Father. 

Marilyn was baptised as
Norma Jean Baker
Baker was her Mother's Surname.

Marilyn changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in 1946
The name was created from
The first name of actress Marilyn Miller
Her mother Gladys' maiden name of Monroe.

18 August, 2003