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Corgi Table of Contents
Corgi History

1957 1:32

348 VEGA$
801 / 810 Classics
39901 ELVIS
39902  Monroe

1957 1:63

96-2 Junior
90520 Junior
Hot Wheels

1959 1:42

214 Hardtop
215 Open
430 Taxi

1961 1:72

8-a1 Convertible
8-b1 Hardtop

Corgi Toys 39901 ELVIS

1:36 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Differences from 810
  • "Made in Great Britain" removed from base plate
  • Pop rivets on Baseplate
  • EP 1976 Licence plates

Made in China
Corgi Classics Limited
Leicester LE3 2RL
Great Britain

Fantasy Land

OK let's keep this simple, Elvis owned and drove 
Stutz Bearcat
Mercedes 280SL
Detomaso Pantera
Pink Cadillacs

The ONLY  Thunderbird recorded by the Gracelands museum that Elvis bought (November 1961) was a 1962 Sports Roadster  which he loved because of the Kelsey-Hayes Wire Wheels. Red with black interior, 390 Sports V-8 M engine with triple carbs giving 340hp

He drove it home but 2 days later the wire wheels lost a couple of spokes, Elvis phoned Edsel Ford himself and was told to return the car for a full refund !

Elvis never bought or drove another Ford.....

But, when and where did this come from ?

Only clue I can find is that Elvis did drive a red 1957 in the film "Follow That Dream"

Matchbox have also released an "Elvis Thunderbird"

26 December, 2004