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Corgi History

1957 1:32

348 VEGA$
801 / 810 Classics
39901 ELVIS
39902  Monroe

1957 1:63

96-2 Junior
90520 Junior
Hot Wheels

1959 1:42

214 Hardtop
215 Open
430 Taxi

1961 1:72

8-a1 Convertible
8-b1 Hardtop

Corgi Toys #348 VEGA$

1:36 1957 Ford Thunderbird

  • The VEGA$ TV Show (1978-81)  starred Robert Urich as PI (Private Investigator) Dan Tanna who found his 1957 Red T-Bird indispensable with it's Hi Tech Car Telephone allowing him to stay in contact with his Office, the only problem was that any reasonable length conversation required him to drive in ever decreasing circles as the area of Vegas that was considered photogenic was extremely small. 

  • The three Series that were made probably at the time constituted one of the highest usage of Guest Cameo's in TV History, and thanks to the Executive Producer, Aaron Spelling even managed Crossovers with other series such as Charlie's Angels. Aaron Spelling is in fact recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific television producer of all time!

  • Perhaps as much anything else this program fixed the image of the '57 T-Bird having a Continental Kit fitted in the mind of the US public.

    Car was produced 1980-1981 and was the forerunner of the 801 / 810

    • Tanna Figure in driver seat with his trusty .44 magnum

    • Seat moulding does not have Roof mounting points

    • Whip Wireless antenna

The VEGA$ Box
1980 ASP  (Aaron Spelling Productions) -
This was the only copyright on car and Box -
 no Corgi copyright !

The later "non-Vegas" box
1981 Mettoy on box
I don't have one of these, so am not sure what the car copyright is 

    A 1:64 Corgi Junior version was also available


18 August, 2003