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Collectors Hints

 When my T-Bird went, I decided to collect Die-Cast Models instead, so I ambled along nicely, perfectly content with a few Solido and a Corgi or 2 (this was about 1986 !)

 Suddenly my Job changed and I found myself "Commuting" to Boulder, Colorado 5 or 6 times a year for up to 3 weeks a time.
 By 1989 I decided there was more to life in the USA than TV and Hotel Bars, headed for Vail to try some skiing and mysteriously found myself in a Toys'R'Us !
( I Never did try Skiing )

  • Collectors Hint #1
    If you place lots of model Cars in the bottom of your Suitcase, and then fly Trans-Atlantic, be prepared to spend some time explaining to a Suspicous Security Guy, that you are only "smuggling" Toys not "Pocket Knives" (remarkably similar profile on an X-Ray Machine)
    Eventually he will accept you as a Looney Tune rather than someone dangerous.

 Then I "met" Paul 'pPRO' on CompuServe, whom I still blame for my Collecting "Addiction",  I  pay Paul "Full Respect" for the endless hours he spent (and still does) as the ASL for the DieCast forum on CompuServe.
 His unselfish sharing of knowledge has been of untold value in the progress of the hobby in the developing world of the Internet.

  • Collectors Hint #2
    If you are in a US Factory Outlet Store and find a shelf full of Corgi "Inspector Morse" Jaguars at $20 each, and you know they are worth $150 each back home, buy another Suitcase !
    Don't do what I did :- "I'll just buy one to make sure it is the right one, and get some more next month"

 I Think that I have the 2nd largest private collection of T'Bird Diecast in the known Universe, 100% confident it's the biggest East of Boston.

  • Collectors Hint #3
    If you fly Denver to London by North-West, you will sometimes miss the connection in Minneapolis.
    They put you up in the Sheraton hotel next to Mall Of America ! (2nd floor West end is best for collector shops)

- If I'm bidding on eBay, you betcha I want it !
Just because my Name is Smee doesn't mean I'm always a Pirate !

  • Collectors Hint #4
    Very few Collectors make Money !
    If you want to Invest, buy something you won't mind selling.
    If you want to collect, buy it because YOU like it

- Do you know the difference between a Collector and an Investor ?
My Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts are on display out of Package, because I collect models not Packaging.

  • Collectors Hint #5
    Buy MNB (Mint Not Boxed),  leave the MIB (Mint In Box) to the investors, this will bring down Market prices, which is good for COLLECTORS

Remember, the biggest profit is made by the TRU Shelf Filler who rips the store off, blames Stock loss on Collectors, and sells to the local Hobby shop at the back door.

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