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1955 Hard Top BRK13X 
1956 Hard Top BRK13
1956 Open BRK13Y
1957 Open BRK13A
1959 Hard Top BRK64
1965 Open BRK47
1967 Landau BRK92

Refinishers and

DMP Studio
Enchantment Land
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John Roberts

Brooklin - John Roberts

John Roberts
John's Website

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John is a Model refinisher based in England, he specialises in converting Brooklins with their approval, several of his conversions have later been adopted by Brooklin and appeared in the Production model range.

Of particular interest to T-Bird Collectors are

Boxed set for 40th Anniversary of Thunderbird (50 Sets)

Refinished  "Birdsnest" for David Angel 

10 sets of 3 cars

Also 3 Light green cars were made for a special order

John Said -
This is a rework of Brooklin's latest model, the 1967 Thunderbird four door Landau.
I've refinished the model in white with a crimson interior. 
Dashboard is fully detailed and all chrome work polished.

Sold on eBay April 2002 $221.50
Not in T-Bird UK collection

John Said -
I've taken Brooklin's band new Thunderbird Landau and created the two door version.
Colour is metallic red with an ivory 'leather' top.
Interior is pale cream and dash is fully detailed. All chrome is polished.

Sold on eBay April 2002 $202.50
Not in T-Bird UK collection

John Said -
Who knows if there is a '67 T Bird convertible out there somewhere? 
I thought I'd read that Ford made a prototype before deciding on keeping all T Birds as closed cars for 1967, but I may be mistaken.

Anyway, there's one now! I've refinished Brooklin's 4 door Landau as a two door convertible finished in pale yellow with a black interior. You can choose between redline or whiteline tyres. All chrome and interior detail has been featured.

Sold on eBay April 2003 
Not in T-Bird UK collection

A conversion of Brooklin's 1959.
This predated Brooklin's release of the Sunroof car by many years
Not in T-Bird UK collection at present, Awaiting delivery !

September 2003 John sold these Funeral cars on ebay
Hearse, Limo and Flower cars each created from
two Brooklin 1967 T Bird Landau models

"Each one is a long wheelbase model and all are finished in high gloss black with satin black roofs. Interiors are metallic red with dark metallic red and wood finished dashes. "


25 September, 2003