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Brooklin Index 
1955 Hard Top BRK13X 
1956 Hard Top BRK13
1956 Open BRK13Y
1957 Open BRK13A
1959 Hard Top BRK64
1965 Open BRK47
1967 Landau BRK92

Refinishers and

DMP Studio
Enchantment Land
Coach Builders
John Roberts

Brooklin - Enchantment Land Coachbuilders

Enchantment Land Coachbuilders

Tucson, Arizona
Jerry Rettig has been creating Custom 1:43 Scale Models since the early 1980's

This is a code 3 Brooklin
Interesting portrayal of side Windows in up position.

"I've done maybe 15 1956 T-bird conversions to top down. These were done many years ago when the only decent 56 Thunderbird was the Brooklin top up model.   Colors did vary depending on customer requests. I haven't converted any of the more recent Brooklin T-Bird offerings."
Jerry Rettig

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20 September, 2003