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Brooklin Index 
1955 Hard Top BRK13X 
1956 Hard Top BRK13
1956 Open BRK13Y
1957 Open BRK13A
1959 Hard Top BRK64
1965 Open BRK47
1967 Landau BRK92

Refinishers and

DMP Studio
Enchantment Land
Coach Builders
John Roberts

Brooklin - DMP Studios -  Dean Paolucci of Canada 

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This Code 2 (?) BRK 13 Brooklin, made in 1992,
is stunning in black.
The Photo etched wheels are absolutely magnificent.
It is mounted on a plexiglass plinth
A low production model, created by removing the Hard Top, the pictured one is #49 of only 100

#11 was sold on eBay October 2001


18 August, 2003