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1967 Landau BRK92

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Brooklin -BRK 92  1967 Ford Thunderbird


A first in Thunderbird Models, in 2002 Brooklin introduced this model of the 4 Door Thunderbird Landau.

 The 1967 Landau created howls of protests from Thunderbird enthusiasts when realisation dawned that not only was the 2 door tradition ending,  but for the first time since 1955 a Convertible Thunderbird would not be available. And when they realised the Fender Skirts had also been dropped from the model line ...

 The fact that only 5,000 convertibles had been sold the previous year out of a total 70,000 presumably effected Ford's decision, as did impending Federal "Roll over" safety regulations, the trade off of the lack of a roof compared to rear hinged doors is dubious in my opinion.

 It is reported that President Lyndon B Johnson went to considerable lengths to source a 1966 convertible for his daughter Linda who had decided the style of an open top Thunderbird was for her and was unimpressed by the 1967 Models. 

 It would be another 25 years before "retro" fashion fully restored the Thunderbird to it's original 2 door Convertible format. 

The Standard Issue

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John Roberts has created several varieties from this model, including both 2 Door and Convertible (?) versions
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18 August, 2003