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Brooklin Index 
1955 Hard Top BRK13X 
1956 Hard Top BRK13
1956 Open BRK13Y
1957 Open BRK13A
1959 Hard Top BRK64
1965 Open BRK47
1967 Landau BRK92

Refinishers and

DMP Studio
Enchantment Land
Coach Builders
John Roberts

Brooklin -BRK 47  1965 Ford Thunderbird - Open


A delightful model of the 1965 Convertible with the Factory Tonneau Cover and wire wheels, this configuration was known as a Sports Roadster in the 1961-63 model series, but was downgraded to a factory option without any special badges.

 Although the addition of Front disk brakes helped the stopping power, the aging 390ci 300hp block was woefully short on power in comparison to the Buick "T-Bird killer" Riviera GS with it's 425ci 360hp

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18 August, 2003